I think what you’re doing is truly so inspiring.
I like the way you help folks. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Ben lit a fire in our team! The room was buzzing with energy. There was a lasting impact on our team and our leaders left ready to tackle our biggest goals yet. He made our team feel unstoppable.
Ben has a gift!
Our team was so inspired and talked about the impact for days. We know that the ripple effect is real when we dream of what is possible and serve others along the way to create a more beautiful life.

Ben’s keynote & Bucket List Journal inspired, reenergized and motivated the team in an outstanding way. His personal story combined with actionable resources was the perfect combination.

Ben's session was an absolute hit! Hands down my favorite session. The way he worked in so much of our messaging and benefits was truly amazing and so impactful.
I’ve received dozens of texts and emails from our partners and managers who expressed that Ben's stories, messages and advice resonated at a time when they are feeling the fatigue of a difficult 2020.
The feedback was overwhelming!  I had messages about how moving Ben's presentation was and how meaningful it was to “all” employees that the company cares about them as a “whole” person. It was completely different from anything we’ve done or heard thus far and it beyond exceeded expectations.
Ben's presentation is more than a keynote, it is a culture shifting experience.
I want to thank you a thousand times over for such a powerful, inspiring, thought-provoking, uplifting, funny, kind, heartfelt, transparent, generous and kind talk to the TD group of corporate colleagues.
Ben’s talk was both motivational and impactful for my organization
With firsthand experience and engaging storytelling, Ben will inspire you to dream big, identify what truly matters and go after your goals with tenacity. He was the highest rated speaker we've welcomed in a very long time and everyone left with actionable takeaways.
The topic of mental health and self-care is rightly becoming a greater priority in both business and society. When I first heard Ben Nemtin’s talk on this subject, not only was it funny and moving, I was also astonished by how it felt he was speaking directly to me. That afternoon I signed him up to be a speaker for our worldwide employee conference. Ben clearly (and amusingly) articulates the importance of self-care, not only for you, but for those around you. Ben’s talk was a huge success and many employees saw themselves depicted in what he had to say - just as I had. We also surprised them with a personal copy of Ben’s book, The Bucket List Journal, a how-to tool that helps us prioritize and write down our dreams and goals. We are hugely grateful to Ben for giving us the insight and the tools to help us all live fuller lives.
Ben inspired and empowered our financial advisors to move beyond money and discuss life goals with their investor clients. He is an incredible presenter with an awe-inspiring story! Total home run.
"Ben's keynote truly resonated with our audience, as it connects to both our personal and professional lives. Thank you Ben for getting to know us and being genuine - it was noticed, appreciated and will be remembered!"
Ben was hands down, the best keynote speaker I have worked with. He absolutely nailed it and made a lasting impression on attendees. I would work with Ben again in a heartbeat.
The chat was exploding with so many people inspired!
We hired Ben as our keynote speaker for our virtual national sales conference and received rave reviews. His message was inspirational and highly engaging, but it also included practical steps our team members could take right away to make their "impossibles" possible. He did a tremendous job for us!
Dynamic!…Powerful!…Inspirational! Ben "hit it out of the park” for our virtual Convention, you felt like you were in the room with him!
I have never experienced a keynote speaker so seamlessly weave in small, but meaningful, tie-ins to our business and industry without feeling forced or unauthentic. Ben's virtual keynote not only captivated the attention of our audience but evoked intense emotional responses that left everyone feeling motivated and inspired.
If you want a lesson in boldness and to cross things off of your bucket list, there is no better teacher than Ben.
Perfect alignment with our values. Authentic and inspiring!
Having Ben as a guest speaker at Headspace was nothing short of sublime. Not only is his own story an incredible inspiration, he also stands for creating the culture where others can inhabit a life they love.
I have run many conferences over the years and one challenge is the “last speaker”. It is extremely hard to finish with a “lift” at the end. Ben was by far the best I have ever seen. Well done!
Ben’s storytelling and ability to connect with our audience was apparent from the minute he greeted our participants. The message was perfectly aligned with our theme and I had so many attendees say it was the best event to date. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to add that “WOW” factor to their event.
Ben’s work is as personal as it is universal. Beyond living a joyful, bold life, the underlying message he has imparted onto our people is to curate a life of mental wellness, and that self-care and care for others are indivisible. His is a message of heart and humanity.
Ben's message continues to be a part of our culture here at Lincoln. In short, Ben spoke and our people listened. Our associates left his keynote inspired and took action towards their goals. We reported and promoted individual bucket list achievements and this inspired others to take action. Before long, our associates were helping each other achieve their dreams and this naturally created a “peer encouragement” sub-culture. Ben's presentation is more than a keynote, it is a culture shifting experience.
Due to COVID-19, our organization had to pivot to holding our first ever virtual conference with only a few months to prepare – Ben and his team made it easy.  They went above and beyond to get to know our audience and goals as well as making sure we were comfortable with the virtual format.  Ben’s topics of Resiliency and Living Your Best Life were just what our audience needed. Ben truly inspired everyone!
Ben's transformational keynote energized our team to move towards more productive, satisfying lives by committing to something greater than ourselves. Ben inspired a culture of service where we support each other, both inside and outside the office. This was a catalyst moment for our newly promoted senior managers.
We worked with Ben on our first-ever partner community virtual event. In the wake of COVID-19 uncertainty, Ben navigated this new virtual world with us, adapting his live presentation to a webinar format that had everyone engaged until the very end. We would highly recommend him as a virtual keynote.
Ben's virtual keynote opened doors to new client relationships, engagement was through the roof!
In my 38 year career, I have never hired the same speaker twice, until Ben. He's spoken at critical internal and external events three times. He inspired me to pursue my improbable dream of songwriting in Nashville, which last October came true. I cannot thank Ben enough for his life-changing message.
I laughed, and I cried. I think it was important for Harvard students especially to experience this because for most of the students here there is pressure to embrace the material things in life and sacrifice any in your way to make it to the top. This is a message that we could all embrace and learn from!
Ben was a pleasure to work with and extremely professional when it came to his preparation and tweaking his presentations to fit the audiences. If you’re looking for a speaker to truly inspire your audience, I definitely stand behind Ben Nemtin! We’re still receiving rave reviews from his presentations.
Ben truly demonstrates what it means to never take 'no' for an answer when it comes to living out your dreams and helping others do the same. It’s more than an inspirational talk – it’s a call to action to live the life you’ve always wanted and help others do the same.
Ben personally brought me to my knees with emotion when he spoke about the journey of life and going for what we all feel is truly important.
I see literally hundreds of speakers a year, and Ben's was such an easy-going but incredibly compelling story and style. Ben will go down as one of my favorites of all times!
The feedback has been nothing but positive. Ben's content had a big impact on our ability to set a new record amount of donations to our College Scholarship Fund!
Ben took the time to understand our company and culture. He even arrived the day before and utilized his observations to further customize his remarks for Camden. The feedback from our employees was phenomenal. Many said Ben was the best speaker they had ever seen.
Ben’s keynote was exactly the refresher our organization needed during these trying times. Ben’s focus on resiliency left the audience captivated and motivated to take on whatever comes next. We highly recommend him as a virtual keynote speaker!
In my 29 years at MHA, I have hired hundreds of speakers and Ben, by far, is on the top of my list. He inspires people to not only make their own bucket list, but also to “pay it forward” along the way – what an exceptional message to deliver.
The virtual response was overwhelmingly positive, people LOVED Ben!
Ben is a fantastic story teller and his inspirational message resonated with our entire audience. Ben's presentation translated extremely well to a virtual format.
Ben had a tremendously inspirational message that had our group laughing and crying. Ben was great to work with and was very engaging after his talk with everyone.
Ben’s virtual keynote was extremely engaging and hit the perfect tone. He combined humor and storytelling to deliver an inspirational message that truly resonated with our staff! In a virtual setting, it can be hard to maintain people’s attention, but the reviews from our staff were unanimous – Ben’s virtual keynote was excellent!
This is a GREAT real life story and motivates young and old to set audacious goals and achieve them!
We worked with Ben on our first-ever partner community virtual event. In the wake of COVID-19 uncertainty, Ben nevigated this new virtual world with us, adapting his live presentation to a webinar format that had everyone engaged until the very end. We would highly recommend him as a virtual keynote.
This was the most positive Leadership Development meeting we have ever done.
We were so grateful to have Ben speak, and there certainly was a buzz about it all. The exercises he took us through were really powerful tools that drew everyone in the office closer and inspired them to continue to create work that matters.
Ben encouraged the audience to actively talk about and help banish the stigma surrounding mental illness. His message truly resonated. Ben is sincere, funny, and thought-provoking. He motivates everyone around him to be a better person.
Ben's talk provided a unique blend of inspiration and humor, and encouraged us to discover how we can inject more meaning, curiosity, and adventure into our lives. Great stories, humble approach, and clear delivery - we now have an entirely new way to view the concept of a bucket list.
Since Ben's virtual keynote, a number of our team members have accomplished their goals and are helping each other through acts of service.
Ben’s keynote motivated and inspired our members to dream big and to aspire to be better. His honest and open discussion helped many of our attendees feel more comfortable discussing what can often be seen as a stigmatized topic. I highly recommend Ben as a speaker!
Engaging a group of 80+ CEO’s in a thoughtful exercise with no distractions is always a challenge. Ben had our group riveted during his entire talk. It inspired us to think more broadly about what a bucket list is and what should be on it, setting the tone for our entire Learning Year.
Ben enabled us to start the process of realizing dreams and aspirations through list writing and accountability. Very powerful message, especially in a virtual environment.
Ben delivered a message of hope and perseverance aimed at helping others succeed in a unique and compelling way. Our members walked away with a reinvigorated passion to not only pursue their own dreams, but make a personal commitment to help others fulfill theirs.
Ben has a way of capturing the audience like no other speaker I’ve met. He is both inspiring and genuine on stage – two qualities that combined together make magic.
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