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Ben delivers a keynote that energizes, inspires, and changes lives. His workshops double down at peak inspiration, helping attendees dive deeper into work that shifts their path and moves them towards a life of unending possibilities.

Mental Health Toolkit Workshop

Build your mental health toolkit to increase resilience, lower stress and manage the ups and downs of life with a greater sense of ease.

This workshop offers tangible tools to help you navigate stressful times of uncertainty. The session is designed to give tangible takeaway to boost your mental health and energy offering free tools and habits to implement immediately.

Ben believes everyone should have their own mental health toolkit to optimize performance and wellbeing – this session will help you build yours.

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List Writing Workshop

Ben’s 30-minute list writing workshop puts the ‘5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible’ into action. We must create inspiration by taking steps toward our goals and this workshop does exactly that.

The breakout session includes writing your list, identifying the most important item on your list, dream sharing with an accountability partner and helping one another reach our goals in intimate group settings.

These steps are designed to build accountability around personal goals, to generate inspiration by stimulating small actionable steps and to illustrate that help might just be sitting right next to you.

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