Be on Oprah
Help deliver a baby
Make a big donation to charity
Have a beer with Prince Harry
Write a #1 New York Times Best Seller
Play Basketball with the President
Sing the National anthem to a packed stadium
Drive a Fiat across Italy
Do a sketch with Will Ferrell
Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
Make a TV show
Ride a bull
Escape from a deserted island
Countdown New Year's Eve in Times Square
Kiss the Stanley Cup

The List

  1. Open the six o’clock news
  2. Lead a parade
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Start a dance in a public place
  5. Go down a mountain on a longboard
  6. Crash a party at the Playboy Mansion
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Ride a bull
  9. Destroy a computer
  10. Learn to fly
  11. Get a college degree
  12. Kick a field goal
  13. Help someone build a house
  14. Grow a mustache
  15. Get on the cover of Rolling Stone
  16. Drive across North America
  17. Start a huge wave
  18. Tell a joke on late-night television
  19. Write a bestselling book
  20. Get a song we’ve written on the radio
  21. Become a licensed minister
  22. Approach the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen and ask for a kiss
  23. Learn how to play an instrument
  24. Go to a rock concert in leather clothes
  25. Solve a crime or capture a fugitive
  26. Tell a judge: you want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!
  27. Give a stranger a $100 bill
  28. Send a message in a bottle
  29. Scream at the top of your lungs
  30. Make a big donation to charity
  31. Cut a ribbon at a major opening
  32. Get something named after you
  33. Compete in a krump competition
  34. Pay for someone’s groceries
  35. Sing the national anthem to a packed stadium
  36. Throw the first pitch at a major league baseball game
  37. Win and yell bingo! at a bingo hall
  38. Kiss the Stanley Cup
  39. Stand under a plane while it lands
  40. Make the front page of the newspaper
  41. Make a toast at a stranger’s wedding
  42. Spend a night in jail
  43. Become a knight for a day
  44. Catch something and eat it
  45. Sleep in a haunted house
  46. Do a sketch with Will Ferrell
  47. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
  48. Accept a dare
  49. Take a stranger out for dinner
  50. Streak a field (and get away with it)
  51. Climb a large mountain
  52. Go on a blind date
  53. Make a television show
  54. Donate blood
  55. Recreate the Notebook scene with Rachel McAdams
  56. Write an article for a major publication
  57. Spend a week in silence
  58. See a dead body
  59. Ask out the girl of your dreams
  60. Go paragliding
  61. Paint a mural
  62. Join a protest for something that matters
  63. Run a successful business
  64. Visit Folsom Prison
  65. Learn how to sail
  66. Walk the red carpet
  67. Make an important speech
  68. Swim with sharks
  69. Smash a guitar on stage
  70. Be on Oprah
  71. Take kids on a shopping spree
  72. Throw a surprise party
  73. Make a music video
  74. Help deliver a baby
  75. Make a million bucks
  76. Go dog sledding
  77. Go to Burning Man
  78. Fall in love
  79. Dance with Ellen Degeneres
  80. Meet The Lonely Island dudes
  81. Tour with a major band
  82. Win an award
  83. Street perform and make $100
  84. Run a marathon
  85. Throw the best party ever
  86. Teach an elementary school class
  87. Pay off our parents’ mortgages
  88. Escape from a deserted island
  89. Experience zero gravity
  90. Ride a roller coaster
  91. Get married (in Vegas)
  92. Learn how to surf
  93. Ride through the desert in a dune buggy
  94. Party with a rock star
  95. Play ball with the President
  96. Host a lemonade stand
  97. Be in a fight
  98. Racehorses
  99. Host Saturday Night Live
  100.   Go to space

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