Thank you for your inspiring presentation at Unlock 2023. Your words resonated deeply with the audience, and the lessons you shared about reaching one's full potential were truly impactful. Your story served as a reminder to never settle and to pursue our dreams relentlessly. Your presence and message inspired us to make our aspirations a reality. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and will carry your wisdom with us as we navigate our own journeys. Thank you for your exceptional contribution to Unlock 2023.
Perfect alignment with our values. Authentic and inspiring!
I have run many conferences over the years and one challenge is the “last speaker”. It is extremely hard to finish with a “lift” at the end. Ben was by far the best I have ever seen. Well done!
Ben’s storytelling and ability to connect with our audience was apparent from the minute he greeted our participants. The message was perfectly aligned with our theme and I had so many attendees say it was the best event to date. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to add that “WOW” factor to their event.
We worked with Ben on our first-ever partner community virtual event. In the wake of COVID-19 uncertainty, Ben navigated this new virtual world with us, adapting his live presentation to a webinar format that had everyone engaged until the very end. We would highly recommend him as a virtual keynote.
Ben was a pleasure to work with and extremely professional when it came to his preparation and tweaking his presentations to fit the audiences. If you’re looking for a speaker to truly inspire your audience, I definitely stand behind Ben Nemtin! We’re still receiving rave reviews from his presentations.
Ben personally brought me to my knees with emotion when he spoke about the journey of life and going for what we all feel is truly important.
I see literally hundreds of speakers a year, and Ben's was such an easy-going but incredibly compelling story and style. Ben will go down as one of my favorites of all times!
Ben took the time to understand our company and culture. He even arrived the day before and utilized his observations to further customize his remarks for Camden. The feedback from our employees was phenomenal. Many said Ben was the best speaker they had ever seen.
Ben had a tremendously inspirational message that had our group laughing and crying. Ben was great to work with and was very engaging after his talk with everyone.
We were so grateful to have Ben speak, and there certainly was a buzz about it all. The exercises he took us through were really powerful tools that drew everyone in the office closer and inspired them to continue to create work that matters.
Ben has a way of capturing the audience like no other speaker I’ve met. He is both inspiring and genuine on stage – two qualities that combined together make magic.
This was the most positive Leadership Development meeting we have ever done.
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