Ben’s keynote & Bucket List Journal inspired, reenergized and motivated the team in an outstanding way. His personal story combined with actionable resources was the perfect combination.

Ben's session was an absolute hit! Hands down my favorite session. The way he worked in so much of our messaging and benefits was truly amazing and so impactful.
I’ve received dozens of texts and emails from our partners and managers who expressed that Ben's stories, messages and advice resonated at a time when they are feeling the fatigue of a difficult 2020.
"Ben's keynote truly resonated with our audience, as it connects to both our personal and professional lives. Thank you Ben for getting to know us and being genuine - it was noticed, appreciated and will be remembered!"
Ben was hands down, the best keynote speaker I have worked with. He absolutely nailed it and made a lasting impression on attendees. I would work with Ben again in a heartbeat.
Due to COVID-19, our organization had to pivot to holding our first ever virtual conference with only a few months to prepare – Ben and his team made it easy.  They went above and beyond to get to know our audience and goals as well as making sure we were comfortable with the virtual format.  Ben’s topics of Resiliency and Living Your Best Life were just what our audience needed. Ben truly inspired everyone!
Ben’s keynote was exactly the refresher our organization needed during these trying times. Ben’s focus on resiliency left the audience captivated and motivated to take on whatever comes next. We highly recommend him as a virtual keynote speaker!
Ben is a fantastic story teller and his inspirational message resonated with our entire audience. Ben's presentation translated extremely well to a virtual format.
We worked with Ben on our first-ever partner community virtual event. In the wake of COVID-19 uncertainty, Ben nevigated this new virtual world with us, adapting his live presentation to a webinar format that had everyone engaged until the very end. We would highly recommend him as a virtual keynote.
Since Ben's virtual keynote, a number of our team members have accomplished their goals and are helping each other through acts of service.
Ben enabled us to start the process of realizing dreams and aspirations through list writing and accountability. Very powerful message, especially in a virtual environment.
Dynamic!…Powerful!…Inspirational! Ben "hit it out of the park” for our virtual Convention, you felt like you were in the room with him!
The chat was exploding with so many people inspired!
The virtual response was overwhelmingly positive, people LOVED Ben!
Ben's virtual keynote opened doors to new client relationships, engagement was through the roof!
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