Laugh, Cry, & Leave Transformed

I know the time and energy it takes to pull off a successful event and my goal is to put your mind at ease and make you look like a rock star. My team and I take the time to understand your audience and your goals so that I can deliver a customized and deeply meaningful keynote.

Whether it’s a live or virtual keynote, I want your attendees to be coming back with positive feedback weeks and months after our engagement. A keynote is more than an experience, it’s an opportunity to shift the trajectory of people’s lives and create a positive ripple effect that can last for decades to come.

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How to Book Ben

  1. Let’s Talk

    Get in touch with Ben’s team to discuss your meeting goals and event details.

  2. Reserve Your Date

    After your date is secure, a pre-event call will be scheduled to get to know you and your team’s audience and goals!

  3. Consultation

    Ben will work closely with your team leading up to the event to go over all program details to ensure a stress-free event day and event success.

  4. Event Day

    Ben starts early and likes to leave adequate time on the event day for sound check and to iron out any last minute elements before event time.

Activations to Enhance the Keynote.


List Writing Workshop

Ben’s 30-45 minute list writing workshop puts the ‘5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible’ into action. This workshop creates inspiration through action. These steps are designed to build accountability around personal goals, to generate inspiration by stimulating small actionable steps and to illustrate that help might just be sitting right next to you. This session follows the process outlined in The Bucket List Journal.

Mental Wealth Toolkit

Ben’s 60-minute workshop goes through the mental tools he uses every day to stay positive, help others in need, and live his best life. This short workshop is transformational to those who want to take the next step in elevating their team’s mental wellness.

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Dream Wall

“Dream Wall” (or “Before I Die Wall”) is a popular pre-keynote activation. The walls come in many forms, shapes and sizes but they all serve the same purpose: to get people thinking about their list leading up to Ben’s presentation.

“Dream Wall” is a place for attendees to write, stick, clip or post their bucket list item on a wall for everyone to see. This dynamic visual doesn’t just get people talking, it’s also a fantastic way to learn about the folks around you.

It’s common for organizations to secretly choose a few bucket list items to check off and announce this after Ben’s presentation.

Dream Portraits

Dream portraits are a popular post-keynote activation. In his keynote, Ben helps attendees identify the #1 item on their bucket list (the personal goal they want more than anything in the world) and dream portrait helps them share this goal in a memorable way.

After Ben’s presentation, audience members write their biggest goal on a small chalkboard and a professional photographer takes a beautiful portrait that can be shared instantly.

This not only memorializes the keynote experience and the goal, it also builds further accountability through sharing on social media.


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