Align Anywhere helps individuals and teams re-engage at work and develop positive habits that lead to personal and professional success. See lasting organizational shifts, enhance employee experience and cultivate a more purpose-driven and engaged workforce.

The events in 2020 have unquestionably affected business around the world. Even in the strongest company cultures, today’s workforce are struggling to remain resilient, engaged, and productive in both their professional and personal lives.

Align Anywhere© addresses the root cause of these very issues head-on by allowing each member to personally connect with a thought leader via text messaging. Daily actionable content helps users find clarity in their current struggles while setting them on a path to renew their motivation, focus, and mindset.

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Personalized JourneyBreak Down Big Ideas

Our thought leadership content is designed for the specific purpose of taking big ideas and breaking them down into easy-to-understand concepts followed by a call-to-action.

Each call-to-action is realistically achievable and can typically be completed in 10 minutes.

Through gradually instilling new, positive habits and practices each day, participants gain insight into their behavior and can build momentum toward creating bigger, more permanent changes in their lives.

Human ConnectionPersonal Stories
Lasting Impact

Inspire your team with the personal stories, lessons and advice of thought leaders in each video.

Bigger concepts and ideas are presented as if they are coming from a respected friend and mentor, rather than as a speaker standing at a podium. This helps concepts stick and spark motivation and action.

The secret to the Align Anywhere platform beyond the technology is that it’s creating a lasting, human connection between the though leader and participants.

Technologically challenging2-Way Text Accountability

Aligning with a remote group can be technologically challenging. This is why Align Anywhere© was developed as a 2-way texting platform. No complicated sign-ins, email lists, or time-dependent actions. Team members just need a phone number to get started.

Unlike other 1-way developmental tools, participants can send messages directly for feedback and encouragement. We don’t use bots.

This highly personalized approach delivers greater impact on engagement as participants know that their texts are being responded to with tailored advice to their unique needs.

Project ReportHonest Insights
From Your Team

Align Anywhere© offers multiple 30-second surveys throughout the program to gain key insights directly from your team. The surveys are completely customizable to your needs and anonymous so that employees feel secure in reporting candid feedback.

Results our summarized in a Project Report so that leadership can address issues before they become systemic problems within the organization.

Data DrivenThe Align Anywhere Algorithm

This is not a “one size fits all” program model. Our proprietary algorithm allows for team members to receive relevant content according to their individual goals and area of focus.

Whether it’s productivity, physical fitness, community involvement, or managing stress (to name a few) team members can personalize their journey by selecting the area of interest that resonants.

ConsultingIdentify Issues & Receive an Action Plan on Fixing Them

At the end of every program clients get a project summary that includes valuable anonymized data and insights from their teams. The Align Anywhere team then makes recommendations on the organizational changes that might be beneficial toward furthering the change that has begun and combating the issues that were discovered during the program.


Ben’s Align Anywhere program allows your team to explore resilience and concepts of amazing personal and professional growth in a confidential space via personal text messaging. Participants can share their success and reflect on new ideas in private before they take public steps to become the best version of themselves. This personal development helps each individual find fulfillment and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.

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Keynote Kick-off

An inspirational keynote helps prime your team for personal reflection, the possibilities for change and genuine excitement for what’s to come.

At the end of the presentation, your team is introduced to the Align Anywhere program – a personalized, text-based program that will help will help them start applying insights from the keynote to their personal and professional lives.

Easy Sign-up & 3-Minute Onboarding Survey

Sign-up takes seconds. Participants scan a QR code with their mobile phone or visit a URL. All it requires is a valid phone number and email address.

Once registered, Participants will take a 3-minute onboarding survey. This survey determines which content track best fits their needs and sets them on their personal path to transformation.

Continual Personalization Based on Individual Feedback

2-way texting allow Participants to reply fully and in their own words rather than limit them to pre-determined responses.

This helps create a robust understanding of their personal experiences and challenges, and for the content they receive to be continually adjusted and tailored to their needs throughout the entire program.

Sparking Honest and Thoughtful Conversations

Conversations centered around mental health, work engagement and personal goals don’t have to be awkward or stigmatized at work. They do, however, require an openness to hearing others and a willingness to learn and share.

Align Anywhere creates a neutral space where Participants can begin to share their experiences confidentially without fear of judgement.

Once Aligned, True Possibilities Open Up

While Participants may begin their journey with very different content paths from each other, the program helps each person align toward their organization’s shared values.

A follow-up keynote or guided discussion may take place after the program concludes can help set forth a renewed sense commitment at work and to each other. Through the Align Anywhere program data, organizations will be able to identify issues that need additional work, create a strategy to deal with them and move into a more positive, equitable future.

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