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James Galloway | FM Flobal

The topic of mental health and self-care is rightly becoming a greater priority in both business and society. When I first heard Ben Nemtin’s talk on this subject, not only was it funny and moving, I was also astonished by how it felt he was speaking directly to me. That afternoon I signed him up to be a speaker for our worldwide employee conference.

Ben clearly (and amusingly) articulates the importance of self-care, not only for you, but for those around you. Ben’s talk was a huge success and many employees saw themselves depicted in what he had to say – just as I had.

We also surprised them with a personal copy of Ben’s book, The Bucket List Journal, a how-to tool that helps us prioritize and write down our dreams and goals. We are hugely grateful to Ben for giving us the insight and the tools to help us all live fuller lives.

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