Beyond living a joyful, bold life, the underlying message he shared is to curate a life of mental wellness, and that self-care and care for others are indivisible.
The highest rated speaker we've welcomed in a very long time.
Total Home Run!
Ben’s storytelling and ability to connect with our audience was apparent from the minute he greeted us. The message was perfectly aligned.
Ben inspired a culture of service where we support each other, both inside and outside the office. This was a catalyst moment for our newly promoted senior managers.
Ben was nothing short of sublime. He stands for creating the culture where others can inhabit a life they love.
Ben truly demonstrates what it means to never take 'no' for an answer when it comes to living out your dreams and helping others do the same.
Ben’s honest and open discussion helped many of our attendees feel more comfortable discussing what can often be seen as a stigmatized topic.
I have hired hundreds of speakers and Ben, by far, is on the top of my list. He inspires people to not only make their own bucket list, but also to “pay it forward” along the way.
Ben's presentation is more than a keynote, it is a culture shifting experience.
Having heard Ben speak at a National Conference and at a student staff training on campus, I am both inspired and moved. Ben’s storytelling truly connects and resonates with his audience, and his message of possibilities and resilience moves people to action.
Ben’s keynote address was the most powerful and inspiring presentation I've heard at a professional conference.
Ben did a beautiful job of truly connecting with the entire audience. At different times, people were laughing, wiping tears, taking notes, or spontaneously applauding. He genuinely inspired everyone in the room, and I got magnificent comments from the attendees.
Ben was the perfect closing speaker. Our members benefitted greatly from the new perspectives presented in such an original and entertaining way. I would highly recommend Ben to my association and business colleagues.
Only a few speakers had as significant an impact and transformative presence as Ben Nemtin. His unforgettable keynote speech ignited the room and encouraged everyone in the audience inspired to take action to make significant positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.
In my 38 year career, I have never hired the same speaker twice, until Ben. He inspired me to pursue my improbable dream of songwriting in Nashville, which last October came true.
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