Leadership for Today

An organization can only become the best version of itself to the extent that its employees are becoming better versions of themselves. Companies that care and support their team members personal and professional dreams are leading the way for exceptional performance, productivity and employee engagement.

In this game-changing keynote, Ben brings home the importance of pursuing a bucket list, not only for your own wellbeing, but also for your career and for those around you.

Through facilitating goal sharing and inspiring your audience into action through masterful storytelling, Ben will help your organization by implementing tiers of accountability to drive them towards their goals.

Building a People-First Culture.

New leadership means understanding that by putting yourself first, you put yourself in a position to serve others more effectively. It’s not selfish; it’s service.

When your team is pursuing the things that are truly important to them, and they feel supported by their boss and colleagues at work, they will feel more alive in every way and bring that energy to everything they do.

Ben will guide your audience through personal stories of success, and share how your organization can build a community of service.

Program Takeaways

As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Understand that your organization deeply cares about them, personally and professionally.
  • Learn how to implement tiers of accountability around personal goals.
  • Identify the most important dreams in their life and take actionable steps toward them.
  • Leverage their purpose to propel their performance.
Once you commit to big goals and live with intention, life opens up with unending possibilities.

Virtual Clients

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